Igniting progress towards a sustainable legal industry.


It’s time for law firms to recognize the importance of their role as global corporate citizens and focus on the positive impact they can make through corporate social responsibility and sustainability.  It’s not too late for firms to break away from that slow-to-embrace-change image and emerge as champions of a sustainable future for the generations to come.  We’re ready for firms to take a leadership role, create accountability, set higher standards, and drive the legal industry into a new business model that integrates sustainability into its business-as-usual approach.  We’re ready to work with forward-thinking firms that are ready to tackle hard global issues like climate change.


Tammy Hui Law + Strategy has teamed up with award-winning sustainability consultancy Three Squares Inc. to provide sustainability consulting services to law firms.  Combining our knowledge of the legal industry and expertise in corporate sustainability, we offer firms a custom solution tailored to their specific goals and resources.  Deciding to become more environmentally responsible is the first step in your firm’s journey.  We can take you through each additional step in the process from start to finish, from assessing, planning, implementing, tracking, certification, and ultimately to realizing your firm’s goals.  Celebrating your success is also important; we can help you strategically communicate about your responsible business practices – so that your internal and external stakeholders know about the firm’s contribution and the firm can effectively leverage and boost its brand value.


Contact us today to start discussing your firm’s sustainability goals and how we can help you meet them.


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